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We here at Aerospace Risk Management Group (ARMG) are excited to be a part of this rapidly changing brand new industry. ARMG represents all aviation insurance markets that offer UAV insurance and we are constantly monitoring these markets as their capabilities and range of products broaden. Our staff has extensive experience with commercial aviation insurance, the aviation industry, and knowledge of aviation regulations as they apply to conventional commercial aviation risks. Operations in violation of FAA regulations can in some cases lead to denied insurance claims. In order to prevent this from happening to our UAV clients, we are working closely with insurance companies as well as monitoring FAA publications and court rulings regarding UAV operations. We are keeping a close watch in order to help our clients maintain their insurance coverage while navigating the uncertain regulatory environment the UAV industry currently faces. We look forward to playing an important role in this promising new industry by providing access to insurance products commercial UAV operators and manufacturers need to become successful UAV businesses. We want to help you succeed in this exciting new industry!

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