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Aerospace Energy

In today’s business environment controlling cost is of vital importance to a firm’s bottom line. Alternative energy and energy conservation programs have the potential to reduce operation costs for businesses and residential users. Consumers have recently been afforded the opportunity to shop for alternative suppliers for their natural gas and electricity needs.

Aerospace Energy was formed to provide the aviation community with access to alternative energy suppliers and energy conservation programs. Aerospace Energy offers two tiers of services as follows:

Tier 1 – Alternative Energy Supply Program


Aerospace Energy designs and implements energy saving programs for:

• Aircraft facilities/hangars

• Office buildings

• Manufacturing facilities

• Schools

• Hospitals

• Universities

• Government facilities

Natural Gas

Now that you have the opportunity to choose your natural gas provider, Aerospace Energy would like to provide you an attractive, reliable option for your needs. We offer our commercial customers substantial savings on service plans that fit their needs.

As an Aerospace Energy natural gas customer,

• You will continue to receive local natural gas delivered through your current meter(s)

• You will continue to receive your billing statement from your local utility

• You will call your local utility in case of emergency

Partnering with energy companies, we work directly with our clients to define their current natural gas costs, create well-defined saving programs and follow through to make sure proper installation is complete. (Available in Michigan and most of the Midwest, along with other states)

Tier 2 – Energy Conservation Program

Aerospace Energy partners with various energy companies to evaluate our client’s current energy utilization needs, design a conservation program and discuss options for facility and/or mechanical upgrades that will reduce energy costs over time.

Customer Benefits

• Creates positive cash flow

• Guaranteed annual net savings

• Lowers operating expenses

• Self-funded from existing budget

• Access to Federal tax incentives

• Enhanced productivity and production

• Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Aerospace Energy is committed to helping our clients achieve cost reductions. For more information contact Rick Turner/Adam Heinlein at (517) 627-9700.